Beautiful Bedrooms and Bathrooms...

There are fifteen bedrooms at Aldourie Castle, ranging from grand four-posters, swathed in sumptuous velvets and brocades, to the cosiest little single rooms, with a charm all of their own.

Each bedroom and bathroom is entirely individual: one may be furnished with classic simplicity, another with generous dashes of eccentricity, yet all are wonderfully comfortable. The bathrooms are equipped with the very best of classic British fitments, evoking traditional Edwardian values. Equally appreciated are the finest cotton sheets, the thick fluffy towels and the sense of generous hospitality wherever you go.

There are nine bedrooms on the first floor, many with tall ceilings and large windows, fitting with the traditions of an authentic historic castle. There are six further bedrooms on the second floor at Aldourie Castle - though "second floor" hardly describes this fascinating maze of landings, towers, doorways and stone staircases. Yet nothing is in the slightest bit cramped and the bedrooms are as generously proportioned as those on the first floor.