Traquair Castle House - The Oldest Inhabited House in Scotland
Traquair Castle - A Truly Historic Scottish Experience to Enjoy
Welcome to Traquair Castle - Accommodation near Edinburgh


Traquair Castle is a unique property just 30 miles south of Edinburgh. Offering a unique blend of history, family attractions and luxurious accommodation.

Traquair Castle was originally owned by the kings of Scotland. It later became the home of the Earls of Traquair and is still lived in by their decendants, the Maxwell Stuart family. It is well known as the oldest inhabited and most romantic house in Scotland.

This unique castle offers you accommodation in a choice of three rooms steeped in history.

Secluded in woodland gardens and forest less than 30 miles south of Edinburgh, Traquair stands serene; this is one place in Scotland you will always remember with happy affection.

Traquair House Castle

Traquair Castle is a unique experience for anyone visiting Scotland, you must not miss the opportunity to stay and visit this ancient house; a family home with a fascinating past and vibrant present.

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