If you are looking for a romantic place to stay, then an English castle is a must. Teaming with history and lavish interiors, castles offer a unique stay not found in other hotels. In fact, what could be more romantic that spending a night or two in a round tower bedroom?

Thornbury Castle

Just two hours outside London, Thornbury Castle is an extraordinary 16th-century castle on the edge of the Cotswolds. The Tudor grandeur of this English castle really makes it stand out. It once housed Henry VIII and his new bride, Anne Boleyn.

The highest room in the castle is, as you would expect, the Tower Room, with the biggest bed in England, but you have to work hard to get to it...77 steps up a spiral stone staircase! This will work off your pudding in the fine-dining restaurant! The deluxe rooms are to die for; check out the Howard and the Stafford suites. Of course you could also have the bedroom that Henry and Anne slept in!

Swinton Park

This is the only one of our castle hotels in England to be located in Yorkshire; it is surrounded by the family estate in which guests have access to rivers, reservoirs, moorland, dales and beautiful countryside bordering the Yorkshire Dales National Park. Whilst steeped in history and tradition, the atmosphere at Swinton Park is a warm one and guests cannot fail but to feel at home in this impressive pile.

It has a grand stately-home feel to it, but still relaxed, and the décor really stands out – check out Samuels Restaurant for the foodies and, if you like a bit of romance, then the Tower Room will be for you. The castle also offers falconry, a cookery school and spa on-site, which just add to the wonderful experience offered.

Walworth Castle

This castle goes right back to the 12th century and what you see today dates from 1579; Thomas Jennison demolished the majority of the manor, apart from the Medieval south−west tower, and built the castle as we know it today. Circular four-poster rooms are located in the two south-facing towers, within the original castle building. The castle sits in the middle of the Durham countryside with views over open fields for miles!

Set in the grounds of Walworth Castle is a falconry centre; the perfect place for a fun family day out. You can meet the birds, watch fabulous falconry displays or take a stroll in the ancient woodland along the nature trail.