A History of Thornbury Castle including Henry VIII

Thornbury Castle hotel is located in South West England. It is the only Tudor Castle which operates as a castle hotel. With 27 individually designed bedchambers, in the Tudor style, it allows you to retrace the steps of King Henry VIII. How fascinating!

The castle has a history, which dates back over 500 years. The second floor of the great tower in the castle houses the Duke's bedchamber where Henry VIII slept; this room, accessed by a spiral staircase, has an octagonal chamber with fireplace and impressive views of the garden.

There is a secret panel, which was never finished, as Henry VIII beheaded Edward Stafford, the 3rd Duke of Buckingham, for suspected treason.

Thornbury Castle, with its captivating history, is certainly worthy of a visit. There are many mysteries still to be solved. The south side of this castle has an outer wall which widens into a U-shape, separated into 2 rooms. One room is slightly larger than the other, strangely enough, with the suspicion that there may be a priest hole in the blocked-off area. How suspicious! 

Book a bedchamber to stay in this magnificent castle and sleep like the king.

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