5 Star Irish Castle - Open After Extensive Renovations!

Ashford Castle has now reopened its doors after completing an extensive series of renovations.

The now complete renovations includes the following:

- Thirty brand-new guest rooms added to the main body of the property.

- An additional eight guest rooms added to the East and Victorian Wings, some of which are the most extravagant in the entire property.

- New public rooms, such as a 32-seat cinema, a billiard room, a cigar terrace and a spa.

- The kitchen relocated closer to the dining room to help ensure a more timely and efficient service for those dining at the castle.

This was the final phase of a three part renovation plan, which means the castle has now been fully restored to its former glory. These renovations bring the total to 68 unique guest rooms and 14 luxurious suites.

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