The Benefits of Self-Catering (Vacation-Rental) Holidays

If you’re planning your summer 2015 holiday, the chances are you’ll be looking for the best value break for your money. A common dilemma for holidaymakers looking for the most cost-effective holiday is which board type to go for.

Self-catering holidays offer many benefits to discerning travellers, especially groups of families and friends…

Self-catering properties, or vacation-rental as they are usually known in the USA, are often more spacious than hotel rooms so are a good choice for large groups or families. They also have communal living spaces where you can all socialise in the evening and kitchens for preparing your meals.

Whether you want to keep healthy snacks in the cupboard for the kids, or like to have a glass of wine or two with your evening meal, travelling on a self-catering basis will allow you to buy all of your items for less in local shops, markets or supermarkets – to save time, pre-order your groceries on-line before you leave home and have them delivered to your holiday location. Let’s face it, no-one wants to spend their precious holiday time perusing the aisles of Mr Tesco or Mr Sainsbury!

Travelling on this basis is also a great choice if someone in your group has a special dietary requirement, or if you want to cook familiar meals.

Self-catering holidays tend to be cheaper to book in the first place and suit those who are good at sticking to a budget while they are away.

They work out particularly well if you’re travelling in a large group as you can split the costs of everything from accommodation to food, drink and other holiday essentials. And, you can all put money into a holiday kitty and take it in turns to cook and do the food shopping. We organise dinners ‘Come Dine With Me’ style when we holiday in self-catering accommodation. This way, everyone gets at least one night off cooking, though I’ll warn you…it can get very competitive!

Want to eat breakfast at midday? No problem. Or perhaps the kids like to eat their main meal at 5pm but you prefer to wait until they’re in bed? Self-catering accommodation offers you the flexibility to come and go as you please and to set your own holiday timetable.

This flexibility can also help you to budget as you can choose to nip back to your holiday home for lunch after a morning of exploring or make a packed lunch before you set off.

Staying self-catering often makes travellers more adventurous in getting to know their new surroundings too as you don’t feel obliged to take part in activities as you might in a large hotel.

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