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Shortly after a couple gets engaged, not only do they get a million well-wishes, but they also get the inevitable questions of 'when' and 'where'. Since the number of wedding venue options now seems infinite, couples need to think about a wide range of factors concerning their 'Big Day' before they can go ahead and choose the right property.A wedding venue might seem like a task consisting only of liking a space or not, but in reality there is way more to consider than that.

And THE best way to select your venue is to get out there and go and visit the potential options. There’s no better way to help you make one of the biggest decisions when planning your special day. Here are the top 5 reasons why you should utilise Celtic Castles' FREE service, letting us book your wedding appointments at some of the great properties within our portfolio:

(1) Get the ‘feel’ of the place - A viewing allows you to take in the ambience of a property. It’s so much easier to picture how your day would work in a particular location when you feel the size of the rooms and the overall atmosphere the property exudes, when you’re there. 

(2) Meet the team - You'll get to meet the wedding co-ordinator, who will be your point of contact after booking your wedding. Having a face-to-face meeting with the co-ordinator immediately starts your wedding journey together positively and meeting other castle staff will help you decide if this is the venue for you. 

(3) Sample menus / drinks – Another advantage when visiting is you can always pop into the bar area and see what’s on the wine list. You could even choose to have lunch or afternoon tea, so you can taste for yourself the quality of the food which is served at your chosen property. 

(4) Logistics – Simply by travelling to the venue first you can immediately work out the feasibility of the journey for both you and your guests. 

(5) Explore the place – Inside and out! At some point during your day, you’ll likely be outside having photographs taken, so go and find out what the grounds can offer you. Also, ask to see the bedrooms. If you, as well as your guests, are planning to stay over, you’ll want to see what the accommodation can offer all of you. 

Contact us now and let one of our team arrange your wedding visits! You’ll be one step closer on the way to sourcing your ideal venue!

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