A wedding in a castle is no more difficult to organise than a wedding in any other venue. There are, however, a few differences which will make the occasion so much more special.

The History

Castles are historical landmarks that often display their history and uniqueness through their architecture, landscape and surroundings. Imagine how you and your partner would feel, celebrating your union where kings and queens have lived?

The Memories

You'll provide an everlasting memory for you and your guests. Your guests will regale friends and family with tales of perhaps one of the most special events they ever attended. We can even arrange for an owl to deliver your wedding rings!

The Price

When it comes to getting married at a castle, you will be surprised to hear that the prices won't differ that much from more usual wedding venues, and in many instances, they will be more competitively priced due to the bespoke packages on offer at many Celtic Castles.

Incredible Settings

Castles do have a different flare to them when it comes to setting the standard for beautiful pictures. Having a beautiful castle in the background will make your wedding album a truly special one.

Dedicated Wedding Coordinator

The castles we work with all have their own wedding coordinators These professionals know the venues like the back of their hands and work closely with local caterers and trusted service providers. They will make everything easier from a planning standpoint and ensure your day runs perfectly...just as you'd wish! Learn more

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