Proud to be British – Castles and Royalty

There's something really special about staying in a castle, once inhabited by royalty; it gives you a sense of cultural heritage as you marvel at the décor and the grandeur of the castle rooms, imagining the kings and queens of old walking along the same corridors as yourself. 

Whether you love or hate the Royal Family, you can't help but be impressed with our castles, their wonderful architecture and exquisite furnishings. It makes you proud to be British, knowing that our little island was (and still is) home to such talented and intelligent architects and interior designers. 

Arguably one of Britain’s most famous kings has to be Henry VIII. Not content with one wife, during his lifetime he married 6 women. A mnemonic for the fates of Henry’s wives is “divorced, beheaded, died, divorced, beheaded, survived”. Anne Boleyn was his second wife. Prior to her untimely demise, Anne and her king courted in properties throughout the country, one of which was Thornbury Castle. You can even stay in the same room they slept in. Whilst staying at the property, The Duke’s Bedchamber was the room of choice for King Henry and his queen; it is now a deluxe four-poster bedchamber with a heavy wooden Tudor bed. In keeping with the uniqueness of rooms of that time, the unusual feature is the bathroom, which is hidden behind a wooden panelled wall.

Mary Queen of Scots once stayed at Dalhousie Castle; she is remembered in one of their bedrooms, The Mary Queen of Scots Themed Suite. The suite includes a majestically carved four-poster Queen-size double bed, an enlarged bathroom and a separate sitting room, overlooking the South Esk River and countryside. The historical connection dates back to when the then Laird of Dalwolsie (Dalhousie) joined Mary, Queen of Scots, to fight the English, under her banner at the Battle of Langside. 

Every single castle we work with has a history; the old inhabitants are remembered and, whether royalty or not, they all leave behind a story, a story that the castle staff are more than happy to share with you.

Thornbury Castle

Dalhousie Castle

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