There are thousands of castles spread throughout the world, most of them built centuries ago.

They are usually imposing buildings, built as fortresses, with the thought of protecting those inside in mind. And those inside were often kings and lords, and of course their families.

The very first castles to appear in England were 'motte and bailey' castles. They were a common feature in England, after the the death of William the Conqueror in 1087. Their construction was the start of a huge castle building programme in England and Wales.

In these castles, there was a fortified building (the castle) on top of a man-made hill called a motte. Timber, one of the two materials from which motte and bailey castles were built, was perishable and, more importantly, vulnerable to fire.

Castles were great defences against enemies, and regarded by all as a very clever way of keeping the enemy out. However, when gunpowder was invented, motte and bailey castles stopped being an effective form of defence, and so a more durable and resistant building was required and, at the time, that could only be provided by stone.

Just like any building, or new technology, castles evolved. They evolved in the way they were built, in the materials used to build them, and in the thought and consideration given to its geographical position.

Castles have become a passion for many and for different reasons. Some love them for their history and heritage, others for their architecture and the mysteries hidden inside. From that passion came the restoration of many of the castles you will find on our website; restored to the point where they will still look like a castle, but feel like a home.

If you share that passion, why not visit one?

Our website features many castles, and a whole lot of information about them. So whether you want to stay in a castle or simply learn more about it, visit our website, and enjoy...

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