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Want to hold a celebration in a castle? Speak to our experts!

When it comes to planning a celebration to remember, I’m sure you can guess that a castle would be top of our list! If it’s the top of your list as well, then the best way to get started is to speak to our team of experts who are on hand 7 days a week to guide you towards the perfect venue. 

We’ve been finding locations for a wide range of events and celebrations for over 15 years, so there’s isn’t much we don’t know when it comes to castles! Here are a few things you might need to consider…


One of the first things to think about is the location. Your guests might love the idea of a party at a castle, but are they going to be willing to travel from the south of England to the north of Scotland to reach one? If everyone is willing to travel further from home, it can helpful to choose somewhere with good road and rail links, or perhaps a nearby airport. Of course your main goal might be to leave all of that behind and journey deep into the countryside. We have castles throughout the Scotland, England, Wales, Ireland and France. Some are within easy reach of major cities, some within easy reach of none! Whatever you’d prefer, our experts can recommend a castle to suit your vision.

Accommodation and Catering

Once we’ve narrowed down some suitable locations, the next stage is to find somewhere that fits your guest’s requirements. If you have lots and lots of friends (like all of the Celtic Castles team!), we have castles with 100+ rooms. If you’re looking for a more intimate affair, we have castles that you can rent with just a few close friends or family members. If some of your group are families, this is unlikely to cause a problem as almost all of our castles child friendly.

Due to their construction in an era where people were less considerate towards the needs of those with disabilities, castles may not have an amazing reputation as being disabled friendly venues. These days, however, many of our castles cater for disabled guests and again our castle experts have an in-depth knowledge on the best places to go for this. Will you be catering for yourselves, would you like a chef on hand at all times, or perhaps you’d like something between the two? Again, we have venues to suit all needs and the knowledge to point your towards the best option.

Activities and Facilities

You may want to spend your entire stay relaxing by a fireplace (and that’s fine by us!) but, if you want to engage is something a little more unusual, we can help arrange a wide range of activities to suit most tastes. You can probably guess that we cater for some of the more common country activities such as fishing or horse riding. Golf is probably also high on the list of what most people expect and we can also set up historic sports such as falconry or archery. If you’d prefer to stay our of the cold, you may enjoy a castle with a spa or a pool, or for something more quirky, you could hold a medieval banquet or a muder mystery event. These are just some of the more common requests, but there aren’t many things that can’t be done in a castle somewhere. We love to hear the more unusual requests, so don’t expect us to turn our nose up if you’d prefer to swing through trees dressed as Robin Hood!

So, in conclusion...

Our website is crammed with castle information and whilst we hope the new updated site makes this more accessible than ever before, sometimes it may be hard to know where to start. We offer our venue finding service FREE of charge, so contact us today with your requirements and we’ll be happy to assist you! No-one knows more about staying in castles than us, so put our knowledge to the test!

If you would like to speak to one of our Castle Experts, please fill in this form, or give us a call on +44 (0)1422 323200. Again, we are open 7 days a week and are happy to share our expertise to find you the perfect venue.

For full details of the fantastic castle experiences we offer, please see our website.