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Christmas in a Self-Catering Castle

Roaring fires, stone walls, suites of armour and a Christmas tree or two - can you think of anything more magical than Christmas in a castle? Spending Christmas away from home is always an unforgettable experience, but Christmas in a castle would be something else. Why not get some loved ones together and get away from it all the Christmas fuss in one of our self-catering castles?

Fully equipped for all your turkey-cooking needs, our self-catering castle kitchens have everything even the most experienced cook would need to prepare a Christmas feast. All of our castles have comfortable lounges in which to enjoy a mince pie or two, and there's nowhere better to hang a stocking than over a historical fireplace.

Christmas can be a stressful time, but you'd feel very relaxed indeed on Christmas Eve as you snuggle into a thick duvet on a four poster bed and let all your worries drift away... We have beautiful self-catering castles throughout the UK and Ireland; enquire with us and we can find you the perfect property for your fairytale Christmas today.

Oh and not to worry, Father Christmas delivers to castles, too!