A History of Comlongon Castle

Comlongon Castle, dating from just 15th century, is a tower house located just 1 km west of the village of Clarencefield - south west Scotland. Having 14 individually themed luxury en-suites, 4-poster bedrooms and a honeymoon lodge, it is also a beautiful Scottish Castle Wedding Venue. The present castle owners, since 1984, are from the Earl of Mansfield's estate; they have renovated it to its current condition. Comlongon has operated as a hotel and wedding venue since then. 

The castle is approximately 50 feet square and stands 70 feet high, with fantastic displays of weapons, armour and banners. The Royal Arms of Scotland are carved above the large fireplace in the hall. The walls are over 4 metres thick; one of the most remarkable features Comlongon has. 

Before the early 18th century, Comlongon was surrounded by a walled courtyard and ditch. It was removed when the manor house was added to the east side of the tower. Architects, James Barbour and JM Bowie of Dumfries, replaced the manor between the years 1890 and 1902. 

The Ghost

A ghost? Yes, a ghost! Comlongon Castle is known to have a lady ghost, who wanders around the castle crying. This lady was Lady Marion Carruthers, who lived in the 16th century. She inherited the castle soon after her father, Sir Simon Carruthers, died. On 25 September 1570, Lady Marion Carruthers committed suicide, by throwing herself off the Lookout Tower at Comlongon Castle. Where Lady Marion fell, no grass has grown on that spot since the incident happened. It is said that she haunts the castle due to not having a proper Christian burial. Suicides were not buried in Holy ground during the time of Lady Marion Curruthers death.

Why don't you experience Comlongon Castle and watch out for the ghost of the castle!

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