Customer Comments - Lumley Castle

This month we are looking at some comments from the authentic Lumley Castle. At over 600 years old, this fantastic property dominates the County Durham landscape. Lumley Castle offers a range of options, from Elizabethan Banquets, to stays to include tickets to the famous Bowes Museum! 

See below some of the comments from guests who have stayed at the castle over the last 12 months. 

Thank you for the complimentary bottle of Champagne for our anniversary. It was much appreciated! - Kharmie Neal 

We celebrated New Year at the castle – what a blast. Nice people, great stay. - Christopher Scholl

All the staff were helpful and friendly and the hotel was very clean. The stay was a surprise for my 5 year old daughter, who is into Disney princesses, and has always wanted to stop in a castle and be a princess. She enjoyed the stay and the experience didn't disappoint in anyway. - Adrian Dickinson

Gorgeous castle. Well kept and clean. Rooms were large and well appointed. Staff was wonderfully friendly and gave us a DVD and story of the castle for my child to take home to show her friends. We would stay here again for sure! Thank you. - Stacy Green

The castle room was amazing! Loved that the access to the bathroom was via the large armoire. Very cool! - Connie Stewart 

The staff at the Reception Desk were VERY helpful and made us very welcomed. - Edward King

We were greeted with a warm welcome and a friendly smile which started the overnight stay brilliantly. The room we stayed in had beautiful views out onto the grounds and everything ran like clockwork, I'm sure we will be back again. - Michelle Wade 

Castle was great, staff were friendly and happy and the castle rooms that we were in were fantastic. - Alan Cameron

Enjoyed our stay very much and liked that the castle stayed with the period theme. Made our stay feel authentic. - Stanley Davidson

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