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Customer Comments - Thornbury Castle

If you're looking for a castle that is full of history, in whose grounds previous monarchs have roamed, and where you can relax in the luxury of some of the most amazing bedrooms England offers, then Thornbury Castle is for you! 

Below are some of the amazing comments we have received over the last year for Thornbury Castle, from guests who have stayed at the property and experienced its beauty!

Our stay was absolutely wonderful!! The grounds and building exceeded my expectations (which is difficult). Our dinner was so romantic that my boyfriend decided to propose table side. I will cherish telling people for the rest of my life that I got engaged at Thornbury Castle. - Stephanie Crist 

We loved our stay. What a unique experience. We will be back.Debbie Sanders

We were very impressed with our stay and will hopefully be able to make it back in years to come to stay again. We were upgraded to the Duke's bedchamber (the Howard Suite) because we told them that it was my birthday. Everything was absolutely gorgeous and I couldn't have enjoyed our stay more! - Meghan Major 

Amazing stay at a beautiful castle. Top of the line experience to which I will compare future hotel stays around the world! - Mandy Wheeler 

You know, I could speak endlessly in favour of my stay and discovery of Thornbury Castle. I cannot express how happy I am that I surprised my family with the gift of our two night stay there. My wife and five children, ages 11 to 16, just about came out of our skin with how magically and wonder-inspiring this location and setting offered and preserves. Truly the fairy tale experience I was looking to give my three daughters, wife and two sons. From the Cotswold-like walk through the unfinished remains (The Duke was beheaded by Henry VIII before, supposedly, he could complete the perimeter walls - construction of which Henry used against him in his bogus claims of treason), then down a grassy path along a some nine-hundred year old wall, and finally up into the centre of the non-tourist town of Thornbury, to my multiple chess games on the castle's chess board (my son and daughter loved the fact that the King's heads were missing) in both the Tudor garden and library, our experience was wonderful. I'm a plumber and contractor from California. I love history. My children have put up with my Arthurian tales and historical anecdotes for years, so when we pulled up to Thornbury it wasn't only my wife and I who had Sir Gawain and The Green Knight on their mind while driving through Thornbury's castle doors... - Bill Ernst

I truly had a great time at Thornbury Castle. Everything was absolutely perfect. This was also my birthday and nothing could have been better than staying here. The staff were terrific, kind, courteous and very helpful. The room was ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS - we had the Bohun Room. I wish I could have stayed a week. I will definitely be back in the future! - Jessica Carrier

A spectacular one-in-a-lifetime experience. Everything about our stay was great, and the food was some of the best I have ever had - it really was that good. I would highly recommend this to anyone able to afford the stay. - Tim Francl 

I had an amazing wedding here - we booked out the whole castle and the guests were completely stunned by their rooms, which really are second-to-none.Cecilia Golborne 

This was an exceptional experience to celebrate my 50th birthday. We stayed in the Anne Boleyn room, which had a lovely fireplace and the room was beautiful. - Andrea Johnson 

I decided to book a room in Thornbury Castle because my best friend and I are both interested in history, so staying in a historic venue was a very exciting option for us. The room was wonderful and the staff made us feel very much welcome and at home. We stayed for only one night, but it had the same effect as a wonderful week long holiday. No stress and a lot of luxury. I'd do this again in a heartbeat. - Nicky Hofland 

The staff were excellent very friendly - couldn't do enough for us - really enjoyed my stay at Thornbury Castle and would certainly stay there again. - Jim Moloney 

We had a fabulous time! The stay was amazing and the castle was everything I dreamed it would be. Staff upon arrival and throughout our stay there was great! I had such a positive experience with booking the room, and communications with the sales team. They were quick to answer any and all of my questions. It was hard planning a trip from another country, but Thornbury was so helpful and accommodating. Thank you!!! Jessica Kingsley 

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