Enjoy a Yorkshire Summer at Swinton

If you're looking to do something different this summer, then why not take a look at what Swinton Park can offer? Beautifully located in the stunning North Yorkshire countryside, and set in parklands covering 200 acres, it has numerous activities to choose from. Here are just a few to whet your appetite...

The castle has its very own Cookery School, with a range of courses available for children and adults. Housed in the ground floor of the converted Georgian stable wing, the school adjacent to the castle has a demonstration room and extensive kitchens. Learn new skills and take them back to impress friends and family. 

Instead of cooking your own meal, you can opt to be cooked for instead and enjoy a 'garden lunch'. Join celebrated gardener Susan Cunliffe-Lister for a two course lunch, garden talk over coffee and a guided tour of the grounds. Each lunch is themed on either the parkland and lakes, or the walled garden. The parkland lunches concentrate on the restoration of the landscape and the planting programme in the grounds. Susan will give an insight into her gardening style, and guests will be given a tour up to the parkland to view the flora and fauna. The menus for garden lunches will include several ingredients from the garden you take a tour of.

If the kids have a sense of adventure and you're looking for something completely different for them to enjoy, then why not book them in to spend time with Chris Bax, as recently seen on Blue Peter, for a two hour session of foraging for wild food and learning woodland and survival skills in the woods? Each session lasts two hours and ends with a picnic, which parents are welcome to join.

Depending on the ages and any particular requirements, the activities involved would include some of the following :

  • Den building
  • Fire lighting
  • Wide games
  • Atlatl spear throwing
  • Foraging
  • Cooking
  • Eating bugs
  • Making dream-catchers

Enjoying an overnight stay at this English castle hotel, coupled with the many activities you can elect to take part in, is a must for this summer!

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