What an Entrance at Craufurdland Castle!

If it is not the blue door that stands out when you arrive, it will be the entrance through a classic Norman barrel vault room, which is on the ground floor of this 14th century tower. The entrance doorway and window in the hall were both added in the 1980’s when the house was split into two houses. The door at the far end now takes you to the kitchen and dining room; it was originally the foot of the spiral stairs added to the tower, probably in the 15th century.

Craufurdland Castle has been home to the Craufurds of Craufurdland since 1245 and Simon and Adity Craufurd and their two daughters own and run the property; they live in the Laird’s House next door to the main castle accommodation, so are on hand if you need anything during your stay. Simon and Adity also give tours of the whole property, including their side of the castle and explain about the family history and the estate. This brings the property to life and touches on lots of historical connections that you will be amazed by.

Some people love the King James Room because of the roll-top bath, but my favourite is The Wallace Suite, with its very unique cast-iron spiral staircase and stained glass window, which is at its best in the morning when the light eases through, creating lovely colours in the room. There are another 4 bedrooms to choose from and the castle will sleep up to 16 people.

This castle is spacious, set in stunning grounds and tucked away, making you feel secluded and remote, yet you have everything on your doorstep, with easy access to Glasgow and Edinburgh a further hour away.

Be aware there is a dog theme at the castle so this may put people off who are not dog lovers. Dogs are welcome, as you can tell!

My suggestion is to light the fire in the drawing room, and soak up the history that Craufurdland Castle has oozing out of every turret. There will be enough wellies for everyone to explore the estate, and Simon and Adity will make you feel like you are actually the owners and keepers of the castle during your stay. 

What could be better?

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