Elegant Exclusive Use in Ireland

Are you looking for a little elegance from your exclusive use let in Ireland?

Why not add to the experience for this Irish castle option offered on a self-catering (or vacation rental) basis and hire a local caterer to cook for you?

You can then choose the extent to which you require the services of the chef - whether it be the night of your arrival, allowing you to rest after your journey, or a meal to celebrate a special occasion during your stay - or why not push the boat out and have a fully catered option throughout your stay?

Many of the self-catering Irish castles will be happy to recommend a caterer for you.

Ballyporty Castle

Overnight Guests (up to) 8
Bedrooms 6

Step back in time into this authentic Gaelic tower house, which rises 90 feet from turf to battlement, evoking Medieval Ireland at a turbulent time when allegiance was not so much to a sovereign, as to a family, and a man's home truly was his castle.

Belle Isle Castle 

Situated at the heart of Belle Isle Estate and dating from the early 17th century, the castle has undergone extensive yet tasteful refurbishment, ensuring that a full range of modern facilities blend seamlessly with original historic grandeur. 

Cloghan Castle 

Overnight Guests (up to) 14
Bedrooms 7

A 14th century keep with massive walls, forbidding dungeons and spiral, stone staircases. The castle boasts an unusual blend of old Norman personality and atmosphere, with the elegance and comforts expected by today's discerning guests.

Crom Castle

Overnight Guests (up to) 12
Bedrooms 6 

Crom Castle is situated on the shores of the Upper Lough Erne in County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland, and set within a 1,900-acre estate. Dated to the 19th century.

Killahara Castle 

OvernightGuests (up to) 14

Bedrooms 7

One of the finest tower house castles in Ireland, your experience will be as memorable for the comfort as for the many stories that the castle reveals. The area of Thurles has several attractions to visit whilst you enjoy your stay.

Lisheen Castle 

Overnight Guests (up to) 16
Bedrooms 9

Lisheen Castle was restored from total ruin between 1995 –2000 by the Everard family. The castle is located centrally in Ireland in the County of Tipperary, making it very accessible to many of the magnificent sites of Ireland during your stay.

Lough Cutra Castle 

Overnight Guests (up to) 18
Bedrooms 9

Lough Cutra Castle and Estate has a long and varied history. The surrounding countryside contains much evidence of a history dating back to the Tuatha Da Danaans. Examples of old churches, cells and monasteries are prolific in the area and a number of the islands on the lake contain the remnants of stone alters. The history of the estate can be traced back as far as 866 AD. The cottages offer further accommodation for 23 additional people.

Turin Castle

Overnight Guests (up to) 12
Bedrooms 5

Located in Kilmaine, a small village in County Mayo, Ireland, the castle has recently been restored from a state of ruin, tastefully combining modern appliances with Medieval grandeur. The castle is within easy reach of Galway and Shannon.

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