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Good Food Guide - Fonab Castle

There’s a celebration happening at Fonab Castle in Perthshire, Scotland. And with good reason. The castle has just received a prestigious accolade by being featured in the Good Food Guide, which picks the 'Top 10 Restaurants in Scotland'. 

And not only has it reached the Top 10, but Sandemans Restaurant, located within the castle, is the highest rated new entry.

The restaurant scored a five from the Good Food Guide; its review included mentions of the floor-to-ceiling loch and mountain views and praise for the ‘precision and assurance’ of the tasting menu.

To see what all the fuss is about, just take a look at this sample menu and I challenge you not to be salivating at the delicious delicacies on offer!

So, why not enjoy an overnight stay at Fonab and indulge in a night of fabulous food in the award-winning restaurant?