Gourmet Gluten-Free at Cringletie House

As anyone with a dietary requirement will know, eating out can be a real struggle. As a person with a gluten intolerance, I find I frequently cannot eat what I want; there’s rarely a decent tasting alternative and the “gluten-free” option is usually the same meal, at the same price, but without bread!

What a pleasant surprise I had when I stayed at Cringletie House Hotel! Before dinner we all met for drinks and canapés. I expected to be unable to eat any of them, so what an absolute treat it was to find I had a specially prepared plate of canapés just for me. 

We then sat down in the beautiful dining room for our 7 course taster menu, with 7 perfectly matched glasses of wine. The first course was soup, which came with fresh, warm bread. Again, I presumed, as always, my soup would come without any bread, however the waitress brought a plate of warm, gluten-free bread, just for me! This pattern continued for the whole meal; every dish came with a delicious gluten-free twist. 

My favourite would have to be the pudding; it was a completely different pudding to everyone else's, therefore, to make sure it went with the wine, Anne (the lady organising wines to match the food) brought me out a glass of Tia Maria. I felt truly spoilt.

Cringletie House Hotel catered for my dietary requirement a million times better than any place I'd ever eaten or stayed at in my life. I was absolutely blown away with the effort they put into each dish for me; it was really touching.

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