Large Events in Castles

Large events in castles require careful planning and preparation, sometimes beginning several months, or even a year before the date. One of the most important steps of the process is finding the right venue for your event. And this is where we come in...

There are several castles that specialise in organising large events; from weddings in castles, to birthday parties and corporate events.

The choice is vast; some castles are secluded and offer their guests a tranquil experience, with complete privacy when taken on an exclusive-use basis. They are a great choice for intimate groups or for companies who wish to bring their workers together.

Other castles, located close to major cities and with public transport services available within a not-so-large radius, offer an easy solution for large groups coming from different locations. 

Often overlooked, castles are a great option for most events; they are all very different, varying from size and guest capacity, to price range and location. 

If you're planning a large event, why not ask for free help and advice from one of our castle experts to find the right castle for you? If you know how many people you are planning for, have a preferred geographical area and a clear sense of budget, get in touch with us; we would be happy to assist you!

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