Lismore Castle - not quite full for Summer 2016!

Spend a week in Ireland, and live like royalty...

The amazing Lismore Castle has only one week left for summer next year: 9 - 16 June 2016

We stormed Lismore Castle on July 25th and occupied it until August 1st. We were overwhelmed with warm hospitality, exceptional accommodations and farm fresh foods. We suffered few casualties and inflicted few injuries. The weather was spectacular and Denis and his team were flawless and the castle history was fascinating. Sadly we must retreat – but we shall return with reinforcements.-  AR and Family, USA

Lismore Castle is a luxury exclusive use castle, built by King John in 1185. It sleeps up to 27 guests and is perfect for family gatherings and celebrations. The castle is located approximately 50 minutes from Cork, 45 minutes from Waterford and 3 hours from Dublin or Shannon.

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