Murder Mystery Nights in Castles

Castles are the perfect backdrops for a Murder Mystery-themed evening. Below are details of 3 castle Murder Mystery events, taking place at regular intervals throughout the year, which anyone can join. If you are looking for a bespoke Murder Mystery for a group booking or castle corporate event, we can help arrange these at any castle, contact us for more information.

Lumley Castle

Lumley Castle is a 14th century castle located in North East England, just outside the city of Durham.

In 1903 a murder took place at Lumley Castle. This villainous act was the result of a master criminal mind, however a mistake was made – a clue the police overlooked.

You are invited to attend a re-enactment of the murder, to see if you can play detective and solve this hideous crime.

Was it the ambitious land owner Jack Horner or cunning Lady Lily or the scheming Sir Ralph or perhaps the plotting maid Dinah?…

Can you guess whodunit and why?

Murder Mystery evenings take place on selected weekend dates throughout the year and are suitable for adults and children 12 years and above. Room prices vary throughout the year, enquire for further information and prices.

Walworth Castle

12th century Walworth Castle is set in 12 acres of grounds in North East England, near to the town of Darlington.

As the evening begins, the teams of detectives are introduced to the suspects

You will receive some clues to help start your investigation and then you will be given a chance to interrogate the suspects face to face as they each visit the tables. As the event proceeds, more evidence will be presented and guests will have a chance to interrogate the suspects one more time before submitting their conclusions.

Once all of the conclusions are submitted, the suspects will show the audience exactly what happened! The event ends with a presentation to the winning groups, along with remarks on the other groups’ efforts.

Murder Mystery nights take place on chosen dates throughout the year, contact us for prices and dates.

Coombe Abbey

Coombe Abbey is a 12th century Cistercian abbey located in Warwickshire, England, approx 2 hours drive from London.

Set in the Second World War, this is an exciting Murder Mystery evening full of double crossings, espionage and treason.

You have arrived at The Abbey, having answered the call of duty. Please come in your 1940’s work clothes (or smart casual gear) as you are here to help the War Effort. The Blitz of Coventry is about to begin….

A Workforce is required urgently to drain the lake. (The Lake at Coombe has to be drained as it is a signpost to the Luftwaffe on their way to bomb the Munitions Factories of the City) You are here for a meal whilst being detailed with your duties. You will assemble in the Drinking Chamber of the Abbeygate, awaiting orders. However the Air Raid Siren shrieks out. You are moved to the Air Raid Shelter where you are to be divided into your work groups.

Shock! Horror! The body of Sir Maurice de Clapper is discovered. A murder has occurred. He is Group Leader, The owner of Coombe Abbey…. An upright Englishman – or is he?

Why has he been killed? Who did it? And what were their motives? Get your thinking caps on!

The event takes place on selected weekend dates throughout the year and is suitable for ages 16+. Enquire for prices and dates.

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