To be, or not to be, an early vacation booker?

The latter part of the year always seems so busy, from Hallowe'en fun, to fireworks on Bonfire Night and then all of the Christmas and New Year festivities. At this time, summer 2016 sounds so far away.

But at Celtic Castles, where we specialise in castle accommodation, we think that this is the best time of year to be planning your 2016 holiday. There are so many benefits to booking early for your vacation. Castles are popular all year round, but in the summer months, often referred to as 'peak season', we see demand for castles go literally through the roof (or the turret!). It can be especially disappointing when you have all your itinerary in place - where you want to go, what you want to see - and then there is a night which is booked, and you have to start the planning all over and reversing that itinerary, or missing out altogether.

By booking early, you also get the best pick of the rooms, especially if you have a named room in mind, or are dreaming of a four poster or a room with a view.

The prices at castles are usually set rates, or fluctuate, so as the castle starts to fill up, the prices get higher. So by booking early not only will you have more choice, you will also get a better price.

So if you are an early booker, then do take a look at our Castle Tours page. We have a range of self-drive suggested tour itineraries, which take in various locations, including England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland and France.

As we feature around 90 different castles, there are so many to choose from; you really can stay in a different one each night of your vacation!

If you aren't one for planning, then just tell us the start date of your vacation and we will personally plan you a bespoke self-drive castle tour itinerary. We will work with you every step of the way to create your ideal holiday. We’ll even call you at a time convenient to you, to go through your requirements if this would work for you. And better still, our tour planning service is absolutely free of charge!

We have vacations to suit everyone, from those who are just looking for a two-night getaway to those who want a full two or three week itinerary. You can opt to visit a particular area, such as the West Coast of Scotland, or alternatively take in 3 countries in one vacation and visit England, Wales and Scotland. You could even visit Wales, then hop over on the ferry to Ireland. The choice is yours!

If you are planning to stay with friends for a few nights during your trip, we can build your itinerary around that, it really is up to you - it is your vacation after all! For a self-drive vacation, all you need to do is hire your rental car. 

The team at Celtic Castles have stayed at many of the castles in our portfolio, so if you have any questions, we are here to help!

For further details with planning your dream holiday for 2016 then call our friendly and helpful team!

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