Scotland is a beautiful country with a varied landscape and rich, interesting history. Proud of their heritage and steeped in tradition, a Scottish castle wedding can offer a truly unique "big day" and here are some reasons why...

Tartan, Kilts and Sporrans

The traditional Scottish male attire for a wedding allows grooms and their groomsmen to not only look smart but to also pick their own tartan design and colours to fit in with the wedding theme. 


Each of our castles have local contacts for Bagpipe players and this traditional Scottish musical instrument can play to welcome your bridal party, pipe you into your ceremony or perhaps to entertain the guests before the wedding breakfast. 

Humanist Ceremony 

Scotland is one of the few countries where Humanist marriage ceremonies are fully legal and recognised throughout the world. Humanists see marriage as an equal partnership that involves mutual love and respect, and ceremonies are unique, dignified, and deeply personal. 

Finish the day off with a wee dram

As Scotland is the home of Whisky, it would be churlish not to sample it's own national drink, which has been produced there for centuries.

Our Scottish Castles differ in size, style and price and that's fantastic news for wedding couples because it means there's bound to be a castle to suit their requirements and with the traditional elements highlighted above available at all properties, it means your castle wedding can have a true Scottish feel. 

You can view our full list of Scottish castle wedding venues, speak to one of our castle wedding experts online, or call us on +44 (0)1422 323200. We are open seven days a week and are here to help you pick the best Scottish castle for you.