Seven Interesting Facts about Turin Castle, County Mayo, Ireland

* Amongst other publications, Turin has featured in The Times '20 unforgettable Irish castles' list.

* There is a bookcase in the sitting room, hidden behind which is a ladder leading to a secret chamber, where valuables or prisoners would have been held in bygone eras.

* The castle boasts a very ornate stained glass window.

* There is a Musicians' Gallery, which spans the full width of the Great Hall.

* Many of the lavish tapestries and soft furnishings within the castle were sourced from Morrocco and the Far East.

* In the north-west corner of the building there is a small room with a lancet opening at floor level. This small window can only be viewed through at floor level necessitating one to assume a kneeling position and is aligned with the summit of Croagh Patrick, the sacred mountain of St Patrick.

* 100% of guests who have completed a review on Tripadvisor have given the castle the top 5 star 'excellent' rating. You can't get much better than that!

Turin Castle is available for an exclusive let, sleeping up to 12 guests in 5 bedrooms on a self-catering basis. Rates start at €3000 per week for the entire castle.

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