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Spring Has Sprung!

Spring is officially here and, as I am writing this, the sun is shining outside and, even better, it has been doing for the past few days. With Celtic Castles being based in the heart of Yorkshire, this sure is a rare thing for us to see; we may have beautiful scenery but our speciality is rain!

Spring is completely my favourite time of year; it gets us in the mood for the summer, planning trips, booking holidays, welcoming new life. A lot of our castles are set on estates where it is quite common to have a range of animals occupying the land. Whether that be from a local farmer or the castle's own livestock and deer. 

Visiting a castle at this time of year gives you the opportunity to experience the young spring lambs bounding outside your window, or even young fawns taking their first wobbly steps. 

Sitting out on the castle's terrace, enjoying afternoon tea while sipping a glass of Champagne, could be another highlight of your stay. 

Contact us now and let us help find you the perfect stay this spring time!