St. George's Day - Thornbury Castle

St George's Day is a Christian celebration that recognises the life of Saint George, a Roman soldier who, according to legend, slayed a dragon and saved a princess.

There are very few places more quintessentially British than Thornbury Castle, so why not pay a visit to celebrate the life of England's patron saint? We can't promise you'll run into any dragons, but who knows, Thornbury certainly feels straight out of a fairytale!

Thornbury Castle Hotel resonates with history. But step behind the heavy oak doors and you'll find a magnificent hotel with roaring fires, delicious modern cuisine and sumptuous bedchambers. Amongst all of the castle hotels in England, Thornbury Castle has the claim of being visited by Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn. Today, the 500 year-old castle with its beautiful oriel windows, Tudor hall and historic parkland is a place of tranquillity, with easy access from London. 

There are 27 bedchambers and all are fabulously atmospheric, most with four-poster or coronet beds, stone walls, tapestries, roaring fires, ornate carved ceilings and views to historic parkland and the River Severn beyond. Each bedchamber is very definitely unique.

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