The Castle Wine Cellars at Ashford Castle

Gone are the days when, if you were a servant at Ashford Castle, you would have to enter the castle near thebridge and walk through what was originally a coal bunker and walkway underneath the castle. As you passed through, you would fill up a coal bucket to take up to the rooms upstairs to heat the castle. Thankfully today thecastle has a modern heating system and staff no longer enter the castle from underneath!

These 16th century tunnels have now been transformed and they provide three unique private spaces with a cosy ambience and soft lighting. These are now the Wine Cellars at Ashford Castle and offer private wine tastings and wonderful wine dinners in the secret passageways of the castle, which were unearthed during recent renovations. You can enjoy what feels like a 'dungeon' dining experience. Do not mix this up with the airy Dungeon Restaurant on the lower ground floor of the castle, with its bistro-style menu focusing on traditional Irish cuisine beneath its historic curved stone ceiling.

The extensive wine list has been carefully selected by the castle’s knowledgeable sommelier, where you can sample a fine selection of vintages and a choice of new and old world wines in this remarkable setting. A Coravin system is used for tasting expensive bottles of wine, without having to take the cork out, keeping the wine fresh for longer. You can sample wines from €8 per glass up to €4,500 per bottle.

If you want to hear more about the Wine Cellars, make sure you speak to Robert Bowe, who has worked at AshfordCastle for over 30 years; it has been his dream to transform these since he first started working at the castle in the1980s.

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