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The Ghostly Piper at Culzean Castle

Castles do not come as dramatic as this one, hanging on a cliff face on the Ayrshire coast in Scotland. Culzean Castle looks every bit as haunting on the outside as it is inside. 

In 1945, when the castle was passed to the National Trust for Scotland, the top floor was converted into a flat for use by General Eisenhower, as a gesture for America’s support during the Second World War. 

General Eisenhower visited on four occasions, including while President of the United States of America.

This castle is a visitor attraction through the day, with special guest access up to the Eisenhower Apartment at the top of the castle, which has six bedrooms.

Several ghosts are said to roam the castle, including a young woman wearing a ball-gown and a ghostly grey mist, which was spotted moving up the grand oval staircase. 

A ghostly piper is also said to play his pipes in the grounds, particularly when a member of the Kennedy family is about to get married, and he has also been heard playing on stormy nights, mixed in with the sound of wind and crashing waves from the ocean below.

If you book at stay at Culzean Castle, listen out for the piper, or look down on the grand oval staircase for any hints of mist!