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Themed Banquets – The Perfect Christmas Present

What better way to enjoy a stay in a castle than to experience a Medieval Banquet? We have two very authentic properties that offer banquets throughout the year, so why not buy your loved one a Celtic Castles Gift Voucher to cover the cost of a banquet for that perfect Christmas gift this year?

Below I have given you a taster of what both of the castles can offer:

Elizabethan Banquets at Lumley Castle...

The year is 1595 and you are invited to attend the banquet feast of Sir John Lumley. Before the banquet starts, the doors to the dungeon and guardroom are thrown open where wine, ale & mead can be purchased. To the sound of bagpipes you will be greeted with a friendly smile, but take heed to be well behaved or his Lordship’s Executioner will deal with you!

Armed only with a dagger and a bib, you will be served five courses of delicious food.

Throughout the feasting the banquet maids will fill your goblets twice with mead and wine, while entertaining you with songs, sketches and sing-a-longs.

At the end of the show, the Chamberlain will guide you back to the 21st century to dance in the dungeon to the castle's resident DJ.

The evening includes a five course banquet feast, two goblets of wine and two goblets of mead. Be entertained by the Lords and Ladies of the Court, followed by a disco in the castle's dungeon. 

£35 per person.

Mediaeval Banquets at Coombe Abbey Hotel...

Come live like Lords and Ladies of a bygone era and enjoy a hearty feast fit for a King! The abbey's award winning Mediaeval Banquet, which has been running for 40 years, provides a very entertaining and fun night out. Dress up in full Mediaeval attire to enhance your experience and come join in the fun!

4 Course Feast

3 Goblets of Red Wine

3 Beakers of Mead

Full Stage Show

Post-Banquet Disco


Friday - £34.95 per person.

Saturday £44.95 per person.

All tickets are subject to availability.