Top 10 Reasons to Get Married in Winter

Winter weddings are becoming increasingly more popular for a number of different reasons. Here I've put together the 10 top reasons why you should be choosing this time of year to get wed:

1. A White Wedding - If you're really lucky, you could have a dusting of snow on your day, making your photographs look magical. A winter wonderland wedding!

2. Romantic Ambiance - Winter = cold weather. However, with the nights drawing in sooner than in the summer, then you can make the most of your indoor venue. Add twinkling fairy lights, use candles to light up walkways and, if your budget stretches, put on a firework display against the dark night backdrop.

3. Money - Choosing a winter wedding date gives you a fantastic opportunity to negotiate with suppliers! Winter tends to be a less busy time of year and so suppliers are even more keen to secure your custom. Haggle away!

4. Availability - You'll find it much easier to get your dream Saturday date in Winter. Plus, it's even easier to book your venue if you decide to get married mid-week. 

5. Party, Party, Party - It's festive season and, with your guests looking forward to the celebrations at Christmas, they will be even more in the mood to enjoy your 'big day'. 

6. Roaring Fireplaces - Make the most of the ambiance a roaring fire creates. Serve mulled wine and gather around the fireplace to enjoy canapés. 

7. It's Holiday Time - Your guests will generally have some time off work over the festive period anyway, so asking them to attend your wedding means you've got more flexibility to book a mid-week option. Or why not gather all of your friends and family together on New Year's Eve and start the next year as a new husband and wife?!

8. No Weather Worries - If you marry in the winter, everyone knows its going to be cold and so everyone's prepared for it. Marry in the summer and guests have to factor in outfit choices for numerous weather possibilities. 

9. Wedding Attire - Adding darker, richer colours as your main theme has a brilliant effect during winter time. Deep reds and greens fit perfectly with this time of year and give a real classy feel. 

10. Honeymoon Options - Are aplenty and you'll appreciate the sunshine even more in the depths of December!

We have a range of fabulous winter castle wedding venues, each offering something unique. Contact us for recommendations on castles that could suit your 'big day' requirements.

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