Love history? Think castles...

Here are three castles that have royal history oozing from every nook and cranny. Whether you are looking for a stay in England, Scotland or Ireland, you will find castles fit for kings and queens.

England - Thornbury Castle

The earliest account of a manor house at Thornbury is recorded in around AD 925. Thornbury Manor boasted links to William the Conqueror, until the powerful Stafford family began to build the castle that you see today in 1508. In 1533 Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn spent 10 days here, as did the young princess Mary Tudor. Today, Thornbury Castle stands as a magnificent legacy to the Tudor dynasty. Situated near the ancient city of Bath and on the doorstep to the Cotswolds, Thornbury is now open as a castle hotel, offering weddings, individual stays, corporate events and much more!

Scotland- Scone Palace

One of Scotland's most famous stately homes, Scone Palace has been the seat of parliaments and the crowning place of the Kings of Scots, including Macbeth and Robert the Bruce. The celebrated Moot Hill at Scone, the ancient crowning place of the Kings of Scots, is located immediately in front of the palace and is crowned by a tiny Presbyterian chapel. A replica of the famous Stone of Scone sits in front of the chapel. Set in stunning grounds and close to the ancient city of Perth, this is definitely one not to miss. Available on an exclusive-use basis, the castle can accommodate up to 26 guests.

Ireland - Lismore Castle

Originally built in 1185 by King John, Lismore Castle was owned in turn by Sir Walter Raleigh and Richard Boyle, First Earl of Cork, before passing to the Fourth Duke of Devonshire in 1753. The Duke of Devonshire was British Prime Minister between 1756 and 1757. He married Lady Charlotte Boyle and, through her, inherited the magnificent Lismore Castle amongst other magnificent houses in England, including Chatsworth House in Derbyshire. The Duke is the fourth time great-grandfather of our present Queen Elizabeth II. Lismore Castle is easily accessed from the main points of entry to Ireland from abroad, with five airports within easy reach. Again available for exclusive use for up to 27 guests, this castle is perfect for family gatherings especially!

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