Top Corporate Castles in Scotland

In the corporate world, fewer things are more important than the image you project, and how well you are able to impress your clients.

Imagine you have just devised an incredible plan, or have a big announcement to make to your company as a whole. How different would it be to make that announcement or presentation, in a majestic room surrounded by the comfort, luxury and first class service that is symbolic to a castle?

Some of the castles in Celtic Castles are well known for being excellent at providing such an experience. Not only will they be able to assist you in preparing a first-class experience for your guests, but they will make sure that you all have an exceptional time.

Different castles will offer different experiences, as you would expect. Whether it's due to their location, their architecture or the staff, you will always experience something different, but one thing is characteristic to all of them, and that is their excellence.

Some of the castles that are renowned for such excellence can be seen below:

Carberry Tower

Ackergill Tower

Blair Castle and Estate

Castles available to book through Celtic Castles