The Traquair Room – Cringletie House

As a team we have recently been lucky enough to tour some of the amazing Edinburgh castle properties. Our first night's stay was at Cringletie House. There is so much I could talk about Cringletie, starting with the amazing food we had during our tasting menu experience (especially the wine!) but for me, my room was the best point!

Cringletie is very well known for its amazing disabled access, allowing guests with mobility difficulties to experience a luxury stay without a struggle. My mum is actually wheelchair bound, so me being able to experience the Traquair Room was fantastic!

The room's adaptations begin with the door; any guests staying in the room are given a fob as part of their key set, so instead of needing to use their key, they can simply swipe the fob by the door and it automatically opens. As you enter, beautifully lavish furniture with stunning wooden floors greet you. 

I was specifically looking for the adaptations to the room, mainly so I could work out how my mum would manage if she were to stay here. Let me tell you, the room is so fantastically well-done that unless you were looking for the differences like me, you wouldn't necessarily notice them. 

The bathroom is fully modified with a fully opening shower and built-in black sleek stool. Chrome arm supports drop down to surround the toilet, plus lower sink basins suit everyone! 

The views out of the room are stunning, right out across to the distant oak we had a covering of snow during our stay, which was a bonus! 

It was only in the morning I discovered the arm chairs in the room are fully electronic and tip forward to help you out of your seat (I don’t need the help, but it was fun having a go!), plus the beds are built the same way, to offer any extra support needed. 

I love the Traquair Room, especially as I know my mum wouldn't have any trouble staying at this property and she would feel completely comfortable. 

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