Here at Celtic Castles, we have tons of castles! But the word ‘castle’ doesn’t actually tell you a lot about a property. A castle could be a Mediaeval fort or tower; it could be a grand princely affair or even a Victorian gentleman's country residence. To confuse matters, we also have a handful of French châteaux, which are different again. Here are a few examples of some of the different types of properties you can book through Celtic Castles, and a little explanation of each - hopefully this might give you a bit of an insight to the types of properties we offer...


There are a good few towers around the UK and Ireland. They were a popular form of defensive structure from Mediaeval times. The word ‘tower’ means, at a basic level, a structure which is taller than it is wide. Although these structures can often seem basic on the exterior, inside these properties, this is not the case!

Square Stone Keep

Often these are the types of castles we imagine when someone mentions the word. Turrets and towers, with thick stone walls...these impressive buildings were more easily defended than previous castles, such as the motte and bailey, and were meant to be more permanent structures, hence why there are so many of these still around today.

Round Stone Keep

One of the problems, however, with a square keep is that if you were lucky enough, you could collapse it by undermining the corners. Round keeps solved this problem.

Victorian Castles

The Victorians loved a good castle, and so the richer among them built them either as their home or country retreat. With the industrial prosperity that the Victorian era brought, it is easy to see why these landowners and lords would build themselves castles. Some of these amazing buildings are spectacular to behold.

​Here are some Examples:


Aikwood Tower

Lochhouse Tower

The Black Castle

Square Stone Keeps...

Langley Castle

Ashford Castle

Round Stone Keeps...

Walworth Castle

Swinton Park Castle

Victorian Castles...

Augill Castle

Glengorm Castle

Castles available to book through Celtic Castles