The Most Romantic Day of the Year!

The perfect opportunity to impress your loved one...or make up for all the times you didn't!

If you're a man, let's face it, either you're planning something big, or you're lying to yourself by thinking you'll pull something out of your sleeve at the last minute. You'd have to be David Copperfield!

Your partner is expecting to be surprised, wooed, swept off her feet. And the worst part is, there is no getting away from it...she expects you to do it. And she knows, that you know she expects you to!

Now some may say that it is just a commercial holiday, that just like Christmas, it is made to exploit those who succumb to the influence of the masses. Possibly, but in an age where, even on your day off you don't have enough time to yourself, what's so wrong in making a special effort to make someone else feel special? I couldn't think of a more gratifying deed.

I mean, wouldn't all holidays be so much better, if they were made to celebrate the things we take for granted?

Romance, friendship, intimacy and of course, love; all expected to be put in to play on Valentine's, to reaffirm, or reignite the passion that should always exist between couples.

Let's make up for all the times we forgot the milk, for all the times we argued when we knew she was going to win, for all the times we couldn't read her mind, for all the times we left the toilet seat up, and for the really hardcore one...let's make up for forgetting about her birthday!

Get away if you have the chance. Spend time making each other feel special.

We're expected to show our partner we care...once a year. Do it in style:

Langley Castle

Thornbury Castle

Carberry Tower

Clontarf Castle

Castles available to book through Celtic Castles