We meet lots of interesting customers at Celtic Castles and Matt Trewin is certainly one of those. Back home in Australia, he is a professional photographer. We asked Matt if he would like to share his thoughts about his stay at Langley Castle in the North East of England and he has been kind enough to share a few of his images with us as well; I suppose a photographer never really stops seeing great pictures!

This is what Matt had to say...

Our trip up to Langley was one we were really looking forward to...the four days prior to Langley were unplanned chaos of frantically driving all around the country, trying to fit in as much as we could.

Langley was our first "booked" accommodation of the trip and it was one we were really looking forward to. Back in Australia, we have nothing that even comes close to anything like what your team offer; because it was our honeymoon we wanted to make sure we were going to stay in the most authentic setting, both externally and internally.

We ended up calling the team at Celtic Castles from Australia and gave them the low-down on what we were after. They could not have been more helpful; they really understood what we were looking for and made sure we were getting the right stay. We actually ended up booking two castle stays, the second was in Ireland.

As our sat nav got us closer to Langley Castle, the scenery really set in and we knew the location was going to be great. As we entered through the main gates we had a little "wet your pants moment" as we were so excited! From arriving at reception, to getting taken up to our room, we couldn’t stop smiling. The setting was perfect, even better than the photos (normally it's the other way around!).

We did the castle tour, which was really cool as we got to know the history of the place. We wandered around the beautifully maintained gardens and soaked it all up as much as we could in the short time we had. Just when we thought it couldn’t get any better we sat down for the three-course fine dining experience, and wow, what amazingly beautiful food. We felt like king and queen... :)

After dinner we took a small drive to the Sycamore gap to check out the famous tree from the Robin Hood movie... we arrived around 8.30pm and there is a nice little walk along the ridges to get to the tree. The sun was beginning to set and, although a cloudless day, it still made for some good photos.

After about an hour or two of shooting here, we headed back for some R&R. We honestly were overwhelmed by the experience and would recommend it to anyone. We also met another Australian couple staying at the hotel and they couldn't have spoken more highly about their experience either.

Matt took up photography five years ago. He completed a two-year course so he could really understand all aspects of photography. When he started he took lots of landscape photos and, given that he only lives 30-40 minutes from the coast, it made it really accessible to get out and take lots of shots.

During his course, he learnt more about studio work and began to fall in love with studio lighting and portrait work. About a year ago he decided to take the plunge, left his ten-year career in the construction industry, and took a punt at photography full time. He focused most of his energy on pet photography as he had a purpose-built studio at home and he loves animals, so it seemed a “no-brainer”. Check out Matt’s bee image on his website – the detail is amazing! 

Thankfully Mark still really loves landscape photos and travelling around the UK was such an awesome experience for him as there was so much to photograph.…as you can see from this post.

If you want to experience Langley Castle, there are nine rooms in the castle itself, plus further 'castle view' rooms, which are just as nice and, as the name suggests, give you spectacular views of the main castle keep.

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