Intimate Weddings for Two!

Growing in popularity over the past few years has been the smaller, more intimate wedding. A wedding for two! So why are smaller weddings becoming increasingly  more attractive to couples? 

For those on a budget, having a smaller wedding means you have a marriage at the end of the day, without spending a huge amount of money, that perhaps you don’t have or don’t want to spend.

The intimate feel of a small wedding with just the two of you, for some, adds to the romanticism of your day. No need for an elaborately worked out guest list or to have to figure out logistically how to get guests to your dream venue. 

Overall, ‘wee weddings’ are perfect for just the two of you to enjoy a relaxed, stress-free wedding celebration over a few days, with or without a handful of guests.

The majority of castles within the Celtic Castles portfolio offer smaller weddings and, with a vast array of properties to choose from, you’ll be amazed to see what fantastic venues there are available to you for your little ‘Big Day'. 

And if you’re looking for a starting point, there's no better place than our featured wedding for two page.

Contact the Celtic Castles Team for advice and guidance if you’re on the hunt for your wedding venue and we'll use our knowledge and expertise to help you find that perfect place.

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