Wedding Gift List Idea

Your wedding day is booked. All the big decisions have been made and now it's time to decide on the finer details. One of those is trying to politely steer your guests into purchasing the right gift for you. Well, no need to deliberate any longer; I have the answer! Celtic Castles vouchers are a brilliant present for wedding couples who want a unique and special memory-making gift. The vouchers can be used as part or full payment towards any of the castles featured on our website. You can choose the perfect property for your romantic stay. We have castles located throughout various countries, ranging in price, and they vary greatly in terms of the type of experience they offer, so you're bound to find something that you'll love. 

And aside from being a wonderful present, to purchase the vouchers is all-so-easy. Simply give the link to the Celtic Castles voucher page to your guests, let them know if you'd like a bed and breakfast gift voucher (you can stay at one of 4 selected properties with this voucher) or a monetary one (these denomination vouchers can be used for any of the castles featured on our website), they fill in a form, complete their order and voilà, a voucher purchase is made!

So, now that's decided in a timely manner, it gives you more opportunity to start working on the seating plan for the wedding breakfast!

Celtic Castles Gift Vouchers

Castles available to book through Celtic Castles