Celtic Castles works with the best castles to rent in the UK, Ireland and France, offering historic venues that suit a wide range of requirements and budgets. We specialise in castles, we listen to what’s important to you, and we offer our unrivalled independent knowledge to help you find the right venue.
Hiring exclusive-use castles:  This is where the benefits of private-hire properties for special events will give you the edge. Why? Well, here are our top five reasons...


There are no two castles the same and that is what makes them very special. This uniqueness is a big plus, as your guests will not have experienced a stay quite the same before, even if they have stayed in another castle...the history, the elaborately decorated rooms, and the stories from the many hundreds of years the castle has stood.

Private Space

Private exclusive use means it is for you and your guests only. Many of these castles are hidden on large estates, behind gated entrances, and many are still private homes, which makes them even more exclusive. Some are not even on the web, so literally the select few only know about them. These are great for privacy if you are a public figure, and all staff are very discreet.


As the castle becomes your home, you can build on the WOW factor. You can stamp your mark, add inspiration and develop the experience into something truly exceptional, if you wish to. This is not just about the property...staff can also make recommendations based on what they know has worked well at their property in the past. This may be something you never considered previously, which further enhances the experience during your castle stay. As you can image, the castle back-drop is just the start!

The People

Staff at these properties tend to have worked on the estates for a long time; it is not unusual to meet members of the team who have worked at the castle most of their lives. This to me is always an important factor as this experience and local knowledge is priceless. This, in turn, makes the planning so much easier and, on arrival and during your stay, staff can help your guests relax; they know how the property works and nothing is ever too much trouble. This personal, yet discreet, service seems to be so natural, no matter who the guests may be.


It goes without saying that staying in a castle will be memorable. The fact that the property is unique, steeped in history, it's your own private space and bespoke to your requirements, will make this experience resonate with your guests for a long time to come. I have customers from 20 years ago still telling stories about the castles they have stayed in. But what makes these amazing buildings really stand out is back to the quality of the people who make your stay so fantastic...

Our team of castle experts regularly visit and stay in the castles we feature, to ensure the knowledge we pass on to you is always up-to-date. And we don’t know just the castles; we also know their owners and the staff, so we can work closely with them to provide you with the best possible castle experience. So no matter what reviews you read, we know the real story and will help you compare and contrast castles across the UK, Ireland and France.

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