Why Would You Take a Castle for Exclusive Use?

Well, the simple answer is: for many reasons! Castles come in many shapes and sizes, so this can play to your budget in a very favourable way. First, get a good understanding about the purpose of the stay. Taking the entire property gives you access to castles which are more exclusive, not a hotel that has been frequented by higher numbers of guests. This adds to the ‘impress’ factor if you are entertaining a select guest list. Such properties could be private homes, with a dedicated team, who know how to cater for select groups. 

Five great reasons not to choose a castle hotel... 


The key to renting a castle is the seclusion a castle hidden in the trees can offer; you have complete privacy in your very own space, not shared with anyone else. Just imagine how your guests would feel after a stay in a castle in Scotland

Candacraig Castle

Luxury private exclusive use castle in the Cairngorms National Park, sleeping 24 adults in 12 bedrooms.



In many instances exclusive use castles can be less expensive than 5 star hotels and their uniqueness make them really stand out. You can also ensure that your numbers fit the property and you are not paying for empty bedrooms. 

Carlowrie Castle

Privately-owned 18th century Baronial castle in Edinburgh, sleeping 18 adults in 9 bedrooms.


As you are creating the event, you will have full control of arrival and departure times; you are not dictated to by check-in and check-out times of a hotel. This can allow you to get the most from your time during your stay. The castle becomes the backdrop for your event and you will find that the staff are fantastic at accommodating your requirements to make the time you have there very special.

Lismore Castle

This Irish castle is the perfect setting for every type of event; be it a family gathering, an executive retreat, a grand marquee event, a celebration banquet or an intimate castle wedding; Lismore Castle offers unique charm and appeal in a magnificent setting. This castle accommodation in Ireland sleeps 27 adults in 15 bedrooms. 

Catering Choice

You have the choice of a self-catering castle or, in some cases, staffed exclusive use castles would allow self-catering if you have your own chef; this is a fabulous option for guests who have specific dietary requirements. Having this flexibility opens up many more opportunities for you. You can also arrange a private chef, who can arrange a bespoke dinner from £50 per head.


16th century Scottish Highland castle in Glenisla, Perthshire, sleeping 12 guests in 6 bedrooms - you can bring in your own chef or self cater. 


As these properties are not used as much as hotels, the interior quality of them can be to a far higher standard; there is a lot more care and attention and the local staff are more familiar with how best to present and manage the property. You may also find that the owner has a closer link to the running of the property when you are staying there; this just adds to the service and, in some instances, the atmosphere that can be created.

Walton Castle

A stunning 17th century hill-top castle, with glorious 360 degree views over the wooded hillside of six counties and across the Bristol Channel, to Wales, sleeping 20 adults in 8 bedrooms. 

Having stayed in many of these private castles myself and got to the know the owners very well, this helps me to help you locate the best property for your event, family gathering or corporate backdrop. The important things that we know about the castles, linked to your requirements, will allow you to short-list more quickly with our help; we can give you a proper feel of what a castle can offer you and facilitate the best value for money. Remember...when it's time to leave, you want the castle and your event to stay in your guests’ memory for a long time!

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