Winter Low Season - Great Value Stays!

With Christmas now behind us and Easter still several weeks away, a winter castle break is a great way to brighten up the early part of the year. The castles themselves are full of atmosphere, so even if the weather is bad, there’s lots of enjoyment to be had without venturing outside. And speaking as someone who has stayed in a castle during the winter months on a number of occasions, contrary to what some people expect, these old buildings are great at keeping in the warmth – you won’t be cold when you're tucked up indoors!

The winter months are also a good time for great value prices, with rooms available at significantly less than you might pay during the summer-time, allowing people on a tighter budget to enjoy some spectacular accommodation. Prices vary from day to day, so contact us for the best rates, but here are some typical examples...

One of Coombe Abbey’s individually designed Feature Double Rooms can be booked during January for as little as £125 per room per night, for bed and breakfast accommodation for 2 guests. This is almost £100 lower than the rates during the summer months. During January, you could also book the luxury Chinoiserie Grand Feature Suite from £255, for bed and breakfast, which during the summer months can cost up to £349 for the same package.

During January, Clontarf Castle in Dublin is offering rooms on a bed and breakfast basis, as low as €109 per night, based on 2 people sharing the room. You can even book a Junior Suite for €179 per night on certain dates. These are over 20% lower than the prices at peak times during the summer.

Carberry Tower, just a short distance from Edinburgh, is offering Classic Rooms from £182 per room per night, for bed and breakfast accommodation, during January. This is around 30% cheaper than if you were to book the same room during peak times in the summer.

Whilst these rates mostly mention January, there are great savings to be had at many of our castles in February and March too, so contact us for the latest rates! 

Quoted prices are correct as of 11 January 2015.

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