Ballyseede Castle is located in its own thirty acres of gardens and woodland. At the approach is an imposing entrance gateway with pillars of block granite. It has been fought over, lived in and loved, and carries forward its ancient grandeur to this age.

Following the defeat of the Desmoids in 1584, the castle plus 3,000 acres of land were granted as a perpetual lease to Robert Blennerhassett, the rent being one red rose to be presented each year on Midsummer’s Day. This noble family and their descendants occupied Ballyseede until 1966.

Ballyseede Castle is a large three-story block over a basement, with two curved bows on the entrance front and another bow at the south side and a battlemented parapet. Inside the impressive lobby, Doric columns lead to an elegant wooden bifurcating staircase of fine oak joinery, which is almost unique in Ireland.

In the Library Bar there is a great carved oak chimney-piece over-mantle dated 1627. There is a splendid Banqueting Hall where feastings and entertainment were carried out in a grand manner.

Ballyseede Castle Ivy TowerTo continue its history, the castle boasts the ghost of landlords past, who are known to walk the long corridors in the basement level. On 24 March each year the ghost is known to make its presence felt as it did on that night in 1998 when the residents of the castle vacated their rooms and were last heard of when they went to a local bookshop and asked for a book on ghosts. They told the shop assistant they had a frightening experience and that they "saw a spirit”. This is the first time anyone had been scared of the ghost. The past residents of the castle fondly call the ghost Hilda.

Staff will happily tell you tales of the history of the castle if you would like to hear more tales of old!


Karen was a wonderful hostess. I will recommend this place to everyone in the states. Esther did a wonderful job of telling about the history of the castle. I enjoyed talking to Marnie about the interworkings of the castle.