1346 - The original castle at Blairquhan was built by the McWhirter family.

1573 - An additional section of the old castle was added by the Kennedy family, who inherited the property through marriage.

1622 - Blairquhan Castle was taken over by the Whiteford family.

1798 - The castle was sold to Sir David Hunter Blair.

1820 - Sir David commissioned the famous Scottish architect William Burn to build a new castle after the original building was neglected and left to ruin.

1821 - The foundation stone of Blairquhan Castle, as we know it today, was laid.

1824 - Building work was completed.

1970 - Blairquhan opened its doors to paying guests for the first time.

2005 - Oscar-winning motion picture 'The Queen', starring Helen Mirren, was filmed at Blairquhan.

2012 - The castle was purchased by its current owners, Ganten Scotland.

"We had the most fantastic week-end ever! So much so, that we've been asked if we'd host an annual anniversary party at the castle! We had a distinct vision of how we wanted the day to run and the staff exceeded all our expectations from the start! We wouldn't hesitate at all to recommend it as a venue for any special event."