Beautifully integrated into the 200 acres of parkland that make up the estate, the unique gardens at Blairquhan Castle are something to behold. They were originally laid out back in 1816 and much of the landscaping still remains to this day, most notably the unique walled garden.

The rising ground to the south allowed the landscapers to create an unusual three-walled perimeter. During its construction, the main wall was built with flues installed so that it could be heated to protect the precious fruit trees during the colder Scottish months.

Blairquhan is located 50 miles south of Glasgow and Glasgow International Airport. Edinburgh and Edinburgh Airport are less than 100 miles away. Prestwick International Airport is 15 miles away, with frequent flights to London, Dublin, Brussels, Paris, Frankfurt and many other destinations, the number of which is rapidly increasing.

"We had a truly wonderful evening at Blairquhan, everyone commented on the fabulous location, good food and the attentiveness of all the staff."

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