Michael Burke on top of the ruins in 1973 - "A lot of work needs to be done"

For centuries the castle stood derelict and consequently suffered the ravages of time and deteriorated into a ruined state, until acquired once again by the Burke Family in 1973.

A meticulous and historically accurate restoration programme was commenced in 1974 and was completed in 1979.

Cloghan Castle was bought back to life between 1980 and 1996. During this time many guests and tourists rented this wonderful castle.


However, once again Michael and Mary Burke decided to further extend Cloghan Castle. In the December of 1996 further restoration began, 6,000 sq. ft was added to the original building.

January 1999 saw the completion of one of Ireland's most desirable tranquil destinations. The result is Cloghan Castle, returned to its former glory, and it is now regarded as one of Ireland's major historical monuments of the Norman period. Indeed, the excellent workmanship and first class attention to historical and constructional detail have been widely acclaimed and publicised.

Cloghan Castle is a testament to generations gone by, to the Burke Family and their determination, and will stand as a living monument for the future.