Cluny Castle has passed between various branches of the Gordon family over the years, but one thing has remained consistent throughout – the Gordons of Cluny have called this castle 'home' for nearly 400 years.

A small peel tower, or house, had stood on the lands of Cluny as far back as the mid-14th century, but the castle - as we know it today - was originally built in 1604 as a Z-plan castle and saw extensive additions over the coming centuries as the Gordon family prospered.

The largest additions to the castle were conceptualised whilst under the ownership of Colonel Gordon and work began around 1820. His son, John Gordon, oversaw the completion of the final addition, the family chapel, in 1870 and with this, Cluny Castle was considered one of the largest privately owned castles in all of Scotland.

Well over a century passed without incident, but in September 1926 a fire started, near the castle’s kitchen, causing extensive damage to two wings of the castle and completely destroying the family chapel. Restoration work began promptly and the chapel was re-constructed in resemblance of its former self.

The castle was inherited by the current Baron of Cluny, Cosmo Linzee Gordon, in 2010 and has since seen extensive refurbishment. In 2016, the baron commissioned skilled craftsmen to renovate the castle, in keeping with the original style and quality, to ensure the castle stands for another 400 years. The chapel was repainted; ceilings and roofs were replaced; drainage systems were completely overhauled.

Refurbishment work is still ongoing, as to be expected with a castle of such scale, but the castle is now open once more for weddings, corporate events and private stays.