• 1160
    First documented reference to the property.
  • 1300
    Bishop Lamberton rebuilds various properties in the area, including Dairsie.
  • 1335
    A Parliament of Scotland is held at Dairsie Castle to decide on a strategy to meet the invasion of Edward III.
  • 1517
    Archbishop Formand grants Dairsie to a David Learmonth.
  • 1598
    The Learmonth family's fortune begins to wane.
  • 1616
    The Learmonths sell Dairsie to Archbishop Spottiswoode.
  • 1621
    Spottiswoode builds the church of St. Mary's next to the castle.
  • 1646
    Sir John Spottiswoode sells Dairsie to the Morrison family.
  • 1692
    Dairsie passes to the Morrisons' largest creditor, Alexander Bruce of Broomhall.
  • 1774
    Dairsie is acqured by Major General Jogn Scott of Scotstarvit.
  • 1804
    John Barnes buys the property from the Duchess of Portland.
  • 1810
    The castle is sold to Henry Trail and, subsequently, to the Erksine Family.
  • 1992
    Chris Ruffle buys Dairsie and spends the next 4 years restoring it, with great complications caused by the listed building status placed on the property.