The Heart of Scotland

The central belt including Glasgow, Edinburgh, Stirling, Fife, Dundee and Perth are all within two hours' drive of the castle. Royal Deeside, Aberdeen, the Grampians and Inverness lie within two hours' to the north, while Tayside, Argyll and the West Highlands lie accessible to the west. Despite its proximity to most of Scotland's most popular cities, Dalmunzie’s charm lies in its remoteness.

The castle is situated on a 6500-acre estate, with several hundred square miles of Highland wilderness surrounding the castle. It is little wonder so many guests comment they 'come to Dalmunzie to get away from it all'. The closest airport is Edinburgh (1 hour 45 minutes' drive), while Scot Rail runs to Perth (1 hour's drive) and buses run to Blairgowrie (30 minutes' drive). Taxis run from both Perth & Blairgowrie to Dalmunzie, and helicopters can be chartered to arrive on the front lawn!

"My wife and I definitely had our best castle experience at Dalmunzie! The service was great and the staff were friendly and very personable. We loved hearing their stories of being snowed in at the castle, it got me thinking of going skiing in Scotland some day!"

Kevin Emmett, USA